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Sunday, 13 October 2013

A picture can't capture everything

Day 38: 13/10/13

Hey everyone! Haven't written anything in a while, not because lack of time but rather not having any energy to, physically and mentally... or if I were to be completely honest, its probably because I've been too lazy. But I'm doing it now so I hope no one is complaining and muttering under their breath haha

So what's been happening? Well I have 3 topics to write about but, this blog, i will delegate to only one topic. Lucky you! 

Firstly, I went to Barcelona with my family on Thursday night :) I don't know if you know but I actually live just outside of Barcelona in a town called castelldefels so although I say that I live in "Barcelona" I am about 20 minutes by car. Now this may not seem like far but you know how it is (like Timaru and Temuka), it takes a lot of effort and organisation to get there haha. So I have only been there once really, for the fiesta and I didn't do much sight seeing except for the main area where the fiesta was based.
 On Thursday night I went with my family for dinner to Barcelona (10pm), we left for Barcelona at 7.30pm in my host dad's fancy Porsche. 

At this time you got to see Barcelona as the night life came alive. I was like a child in a candy shop. I didn't  know where to look! Everything I saw was amazing and beautiful and just amazing! The Main Street was bustling with people and sweet little cafes, fancy restaurants, and gorgeous Spanish style buildings. I was attempting to take pictures whilst trying to keep up with my host family (consequently a lot of the photos turned out blurry :/) but one thing that you must understand is that the camera could not capture the actual emotion of the city. 

You do not get all the extra things that are outside of that one moment captured in a photo like the Spanish music, the smell of gourmet seafood, the laughter of happy Spaniards, the sound of a bell on a gentlemans' bicycle as he rides past as if he has no troubles in the world... All of this is what I came here for. 

No longer do  I just have a picture in my mind of a place I could only wish to one day go. That background of a beautiful city that I had on my computer desktop, I am in that picture. I'm not sure how many of you understand this feeling but it is incredible. Despite the fact that I can only recognise a few words from the sentences going on around me and I have no idea which direction takes me to where I want to go, and yes, I take photos like an Asian on a high (no offence :3), I am just like everyone else, like all the people who call Barcelona their home. It's a dream come to life. Gosh this all sounds so crazy and somewhat cringe worthy , but it's all true.  I am here , and you are wherever you are, and at this very moment we are living completely different lives. I have just been for a bike ride next to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea whilst you have been asleep. I have also enjoyed a beautiful meal of pasta and chicken, been forced to dress up in a wetsuit and ride a suitcase, nearly stood in poop, and have been talking with a family, that is apparently mine, in another language.

I will also just quickly mention that for dinner in Barcelona we went to this cute Italian restaurant and I had a croissant style pizza and tried a nice beer with a touch of lemon. My host family was lovely enough to pay for my meal for me and it was absolutely delicious. :) 

 I am now sitting at the kitchen table, on a Sunday afternoon, a little bored because my friends are all busy studying for a Catalan exam that I will not be doing... 
But that's my next topic :) hope you enjoyed my little fairytale (as it seems to be one) and that you are having a lovely sleep (New Zealanders of course). 

Update soon <3

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