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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Oh Fiesta!

Day 20: 26/09/13 

I think I have been counting the days wrong, unsure exactly what day it is, so don't quote me! 

So! Aside from school, what has been going on?? Well the most interesting topic would be the Fiesta that was on this weekend! I know that this sparks a bit of jealousy in some :p to put it simply, it was AWESOME! The best party I have ever been to!! (Unfortunately i don't have photos, i didn't want my Iphone to be stolen) In New Zealand, yeah they party but they don't know HOW to party! They talk, they drink. Here it is much the same, but so much more! The night started off at 10pm, we caught the train to Barcelona with sooo many people I thought the train might not manage to close the doors. People were cramped into every corner, with their faces smooshed up against the windows! Luckily, the trip only took 20 minutes! Arriving in Barcelona I followed the sound of the music along with my bunch of friends (around 15) and we found our way to the party! At first we just sat down in the centre square of Barcelona, sure there were HEAPS of people, talking, having fun, and music was playing, but I thought to myself "is this it?" Haha! Luckily I didn't say anything because my friends said, "right, lets get into the party!" Which was a huge concert! Thousands and thousands of people, together in a massive mosh pit! Boy it was crazy, the atmosphere was amazing!   I had never seen so many teenagers and young people together in one place! Now dancing might not be everyone's thing, but I was born with something in me that lives to dance!! I was keen to join with the city and move with the music! 

So I followed my friends into the crowd and we lost ourselves in the Spanish and English music! I loved the feeling of letting everything go! I simply danced, and everything was A.O.K :) The people I was with were from my school and friends of friends haha. They proved to be great company, treating me like one of them :) at one point I was minding my own business , just dancing, when someone starts to chant my name. Apparently I was ripping out some fancy moves?? They were loving my dancing and thought it was a cool idea to form a circle and scream my name, oh I could have died!! In my mind I was paralysed with embarrassment but my body just kept dancing hahaha and I laughed it all off, pretending that I was off in my world! (I did feel pretty awesome :p) 

And that was it, for hours! We danced with friends, made new ones and nothing could bring us down :p it all sounds so crazy and probably cheesy, but seriously, you just had to be there. I Finally got to bed at 6am, I think I did my fair share of exercise for the day. Ahh, I just can't wait for the next fiesta! Wishing that there was a fiesta every week! Unfortunately, the next is not for a couple months :/ oh well, at least I still have music and I can have my own song and dance party in the shower! Oh Barcelona, how I love you. 

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