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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Catch up of January :)

Day 144: 26/01/2014

So today it has been exactly a month since I wrote my last blog. I haven't been able to write my blog because of some reasons so I'm just going to update you through pictures :) 

New Year's Eve at my friend Cristina's family's house for dinner! :) had been wanting an excuse to wear this dress for a while now! :) 

This meat was delicious and was accompanied by two really nice sauces :) 

Mini desserts - kind of like dessert shots ! Hahaha. Lemon, chocolate and Catalonian flan :) 

Some expensive wine apparently ;) 

The 12 grapes that you eat on the 12 strikes of the New Year - Spanish tradition! Was so hard trying to stuff them all in my mouth with such little time! 

After the dinner with Cristina's family I went out to playafels in Castelldefels and met up with some friends . Here is one of my best friends, Florencia :) 


(I had never tried meat where you self-cook it on a boiling slab of rock!) 

On the 3rd of January I went with my family to a wee town between France and Spain with my host family and we met their friends there and went out for dinner and stayed the night. 

The next day we went skiing on the border of France!! Super cool! 

I hadn't skied since I was like 10 but I actually did pretty well (didn't fall over) and it was super fun! 

On January 5th (back in Castelldefels) there was a parade for the 3 kings that they celebrate. (The ones that brought Jesus gifts when he was born). The concept is changed here however as the three kings supposedly bring the children gifts on the 6th of January.

There was lots of lollies being thrown out for all the kids and adults haha. (The kids had bags and were stuffing them full! ) 

On the last day before school started again I hung out with my gorgeous girlfriends and had a great time :)

Lunch at Zanetes house!

Lunch at Katerinas house after a cute girly sleepover <3 watched despicable me 2! 

Amazing chocolate Katerina had and let me try! :) 

My first indoor, 4 player, hockey game! Way more intense and faster than a normal hockey game.
I've had hockey 10 days out of 14 in the past two weeks.

I was feeling a bit down and received this lovely card from my sister in NZ with pictures of my baby niece :)

My last day at school with my friend from Australia, Tiana. I spent my Catalan classes for new people with her :) 

Me with most of my classmates in the last class I would have with them :( 

Last time I would be walking home from this school.

Night out with some of my friends for dinner and karaoke before I leave to live in Barcelona :) super fun, had never been out to a place where they do karaoke before :) 

This will be last blog before I will have  changed cities, families and school.
I'm so excited!! Nervous too. It's for the best! 

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  1. A beautiful adventure indeed! I hope the next chapter is even better!